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STONE MOUNTAIN ARTS (formerly Still Point Arts) was established in 1996 as a collaborative, full partnership fine arts and crafts business.

Our unique one of a kind stone sculpture collection,
titled The Original Rock Singers, Celebrating the Music in Nature, is inspired by a full story of the creativity of the earth - from the give-and-take relationship between the flora and fauna, rivers and hills, and the sky and soil that we depend on and are part of, to the emergence of the first elements in the universe, and the earth churning with magma, and out of this churning, to the emergence of rocks and eventually the birth of life and the first living cells.

For the past 20 years our work has grown and evolved, from our studios in the California Bay Area, and along the Big Sur Coast, and today in the American southwest, and currently, more than 1,500 distinctive fine crafted Singers are in private collections around the world.

Our signature work features: natural stone, representing the body of the earth; luminous figures, representing a 'spirit of music'; and seamless integration, representing the deep interrelatedness at the heart of Creation. Each unique piece celebrates the potential and creativity that has been animating life from the beginning of time.

Thanks for visiting our site! While you are here we invite you to step away from the hurried pace and see things freshly, and we hope you will find, in one way or another, something that's truly worth having.

Sheri & Glenn


GlennGlenn L. Johnson is a self-taught fine artist with a natural talent for expressing the spirit of trees and the hidden patterns of nature in landscapes, seascapes and wilderness. He has been drawing since childhood and painting since age 12. By age 16 he was drawing and painting in watercolor, acrylics and oils, amassing a large body of artwork, including four murals, and exhibiting and selling regularly in a local gallery. Since the 1990's Glenn has been exploring collage and exhibiting award-winning paintings, giclée prints and mixed media stone sculptures in annual California art shows. His art studies include private and college courses in still life, drawing, oil painting, art history, lithography and etching.

SheriSheri DeVoll Johnson is a mixed media artist with BA and MA degrees in humanities and consciousness and concentrations in art at San Jose State University and John F. Kennedy University in California. She expresses the spirit of nature in calligraphy, drawings, watercolor and sculpting, and in works that include archetypal journaling, illuminated certificates, wall sculptures, bas relief, and natural fiber and clay figures, from soft dolls to life-size porcelain. In addition to creating and exhibiting mixed media stone sculptures since the 1990's, she has consulted and taught courses in art and new cosmology privately and as adjunct university faculty in the San Francisco Bay Area.